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Question: This individual was lead singer for both 60's band Spirit and 70's band Jo Jo Gunne, and went on to have a top 10 hit in 1978 as a solo artist. Name the individual and his solo hit.
Answer: Jay Ferguson. His solo hit: Thunder Island
Question: A former Zombie teamed up with songwriter/guitarist Russ Ballard to form this band. They had a top 10 hit in 1972. Name this one-hit wonder band and their hit song.
Answer: Argent, named for former Zombie Rod Argent. Their hit: Hold Your Head Up
Question: He was a staff writer, writing music for the Monkees, until his own prolific career took off. Name the artist.
Answer: Neil Diamond.
Question: This studio group featured the same lead singer as the Ohio Express and 1910 Fruitgum Company. Name the group and their lone Top 10 1974 smash.
Answer: Reunion. The star-studded Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me) featured the fast-talking voice of Joey Levine.
Question: The youngest of this family group, his one top 25 solo hit from 1973 was reminiscent of another teen soul group, the Jackson 5. Name the artist and hit.
Answer: Foster Sylvers, youngest member of the Sylvers. His hit: Misdemeanor.
Question: Two key members of Free (All Right Now) left to form an even more successful mid/late 70's British rock band. Name the band.
Answer: Bad Company. Paul Rodgers (vocals) and Simon Kirke (drums) were members of both bands.
Question: A 1968 British ad for songwriters landed two. Bernie Taupin and his new partner, who performed their songs, wrote many of the 70's biggest hits. Name the artist.
Answer: Elton John (real name: Reginald Dwight) collaborated with Bernie Taupin on most of his early hits.
Question: All Australians, their career began in their homeland, but after moving to England, they eventually became one of the 70's biggest groups. Name this family group.
Answer: The Bee Gees, composed of brothers Barry Gibb and twins Maurice and Robin Gibb.
Question: This artist's biggest hit was a re-make of a hit by the band he fronted earlier. Name this accomplished producer/singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and his 1973 hit.
Answer: Todd Rundgren's biggest hit was Hello It's Me, originally a hit for the Nazz.
Question: All of his other top 20 hits were released between 1957 and 1963. Yet his last top 20 hit came in 1972. Name this prolific one-time teen idol and his 1972 hit.
Answer: Rick Nelson returned to the top 10 with 1972's Garden Party.
Question: She originally hit it big as part of a duo in the 1950's, but this steamy hit returned her to the top 5 as a solo in the 70's. Name the artist and her soulful 1973 hit.
Answer: Pillow Talk was a top 5 hit for Sylvia, originally half of the duo Mickey and Sylvia
Question: Name the one hit wonder who wrote both Helen Reddy's Angie Baby and the Righteous Brothers' Rock and Roll Heaven
Answer: Alan O'Day. His hit: 1977's Undercover Angel.
Question: Once called the Nazz, this group took on the stage name of the Detroit-born group lead once Todd Rundgren's Nazz became known. Name this popular, colorful rocker.
Answer: Alice Cooper. Named for a 16th century woman burned at the stake for witchcraft.
Question: The brother of Carlos Santana (Santana) was a key member of this one-hit-wonder. Name the band and their 1972 hit.
Answer: Jorge Santana's one hit wonder band Malo hit it big with Suavecito
Question: The Beatles' four ex-members all contributed to the same album only once during the 1970's. Name the former Beatle and album.
Answer: All four contributed to Ringo Starr's 1973 album, Ringo, with hits Photograph and You're Sixteen
Question: This Top 5 version of a song first recorded by The Band became her biggest hit single. Name this folk singer/activist and her 1971 hit.
Answer: Joan Baez had a Top 5 hit single with The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Question: John Stewart's top 5 1979 hit Gold featuring Stevie Nicks was his biggest. He also wrote a 1967 number one smash hit for another group. Name the 1967 hit.
Answer: Stewart wrote the Monkees' 1967 smash, Daydream Believer.Thank you to Joe B. for this question.
Question: This British Art/Glitter Rock artist's biggest 1970's hit featured an ex-Beatle. Name the artist and his 1975 top hit.
Answer: David Bowie. Fame was cowritten by and featured backing vocals from John Lennon.
Question: This prolific soul/disco star was first heard by many as the love interest on a hit record he produced for a female trio. Name the individual, the trio and the 1972 hit.
Answer: Love Unlimited's Walking In The Rain With The One I Love featured Barry White portraying the love interest
Question: She was best known for her comedic role on the Carol Burnett show, but she scored a top hit in 1973 with this thriller. Name the artist and song.
Answer: Vicki Lawrence. Her hit: The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia
Question: Her 1975 top hit ballad hailed from an album produced by Stevie Wonder. Name this soulful songstress from Chicago.
Answer: Minnie Riperton. Her smash hit ballad: Lovin' You
Question: Besides being one hit wonders, what do First Class, Edison Lighthouse, the Pipkins, and White Plains have in common?
Answer: Singer Tony Burrows. Songs include Beach Baby, Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes, Gimme Dat Ding, and My Baby Loves Lovin'. Also in Brotherhood of Man.
Question: The biggest hit for this Swedish group was a remake of a 1968 B.J. Thomas song. Name the group and their 1974 hit.
Answer: Blue Swede. Their hit: Hooked On A Feeling
Question: What do these four soul groups have in common: Four Tops, Spinners, Gladys Knight and The Pips, the Isley Brothers?
Answer: All once recorded for Motown records, and had major top 40 hits after leaving.
Question: She had moderate success as a solo artist, but her biggest hit came in an uptempo duet with a British pop sensation. Name this British artist and their top 1976 duet.
Answer: Kiki Dee. Her duet with Elton John, Don't' Go Breaking My Heart, reached number one. Her biggest solo hit: I've Got The Music In Me
Question: A Memphis disc jockey hit the big time with this novelty hit in 1976. Name the artist and song
Answer: Rick Dees and his Cast of Idiots hit it big with Disco Duck
Question: This Canadian first found success a member of the Poppy Family (Which Way You Going, Billy). His own smash came in 1974. Name the artist and hit.
Answer: Terry Jacks. His hit: Seasons In The Sun
Question: Woodstock was a hit song for both Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and Matthews' Southern Comfort. Name the well-known singer who wrote it.
Answer: Joni Mitchell, who also recorded her own version
Question: The last top 10 hit for this highly successful Canadian group featured a prominent American DJ. Name the group and their 1974 hit.
Answer: The Guess Who's Clap For The Wolfman featured Wolfman Jack
Question: This Texas pair played with the group the Champs during the 60's. They emerged as a highly successful soft rock group in the 70's. Name the artist
Answer: Seals and Crofts. Their first hit: 1972's Summer Breeze
Question: First associated with the Steve Miller Band, this blue-eyed soulster had his solo career breakout in 1976. Identify the singer.
Answer: Boz Scaggs. His first hit: It's Over, followed by his biggest hit, Lowdown.
Question: Her grammy-winning music career was complemented by a solid acting career. A Beach Boys performed tune was her first top 20 hit in 1973. Name the artist and song.
Answer: Bette Midler, 'The Divine Miss M'. Do You Wanna Dance was her first top 20 hit.
Question: This teen idol had a top 10 hit ballad in 1979. He also hosted the 'Solid Gold' TV show in the early 1980's. Name the artist and his 1979 hit.
Answer: Rex Smith. His hit ballad: You Take My Breath Away.
Question: Monster Mash is among the hits on this piano man's resume. Besides his own 70's hits, he wrote songs for others like This Masquerade, and appeared on stage with an ex-Beatle. Name the artist.
Answer: Leon Russell. His biggest hits: Tightrope (1972) and Lady Blue (1975). He appeared on stage in George Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh.
Question: In June 1974, this artist scored a number one soul-disco hit. About a year later, he produced his wife's top 10 soul hit. Name the artists and songs.
Answer: George McCrae scored first with Rock Your Baby, then Gwen McCrae scored with Rockin' Chair
Question: The Best New Artist of 1970 Grammy went to this very prolific soft pop group, whose lead singer surprised many by playing the drums. Name the group.
Answer: The Carpenters. After being told it was not normal for a girl to play drums, Karen Carpenter became a drummer.
Question: This short-lived trend was represented by hits such as Venus, Ma Belle Amie, Hocus Pocus, Little Green Bag, and How Do You Do. Name this trend
Answer: The Dutch Invasion of the early 1970's
Question: The early 80's saw his greatest music success, when he also achieved acting fame in a popular soap opera. But 1972 beheld his first top 20 hit. Name the artist and song.
Answer: Rick Springfield. His first hit: Speak To The Sky
Question: An Austrailian Aboriginal custom was the origin of this prolific 70's rock band's name, who had numerous hits until disbanding in 1976. Name the group.
Answer: Three Dog Night. Group named for the custom of sleeping with dogs (three dogs for an extra frigid night).
Question: Early on, this soulful female group distinguished themselves by donning nostalgic 1940's garb and song stylings. Name the group and their first hit (1973).
Answer: Pointer Sisters. Their first hit: Yes We Can Can
Question: Smokey and the Bandit was among this country artist's acting roles. He scored two top 10 novelty hit songs in 1971. Name the artist and his 1971 chart hits.
Answer: Jerry Reed. His 1971 hits: Amos Moses and When You're Hot, You're Hot.
Question: This son of a famed folk singer had a prolific songwriting career but managed only one top 20 chart hit, featuring a southern U.S. locale. Name the artist and song.
Answer: Arlo Guthrie, the son of Woody Guthrie, scored with The City of New Orleans
Question: He was born Kent Lavoie, but many thought he was a group due to his stage name. Name this American singer-songwriter
Answer: Lobo. His first hit: Me And You And A Dog Named Boo
Question: First recorded by Roy Orbison, it was the first top 10 solo hit for this teen idol, whose success began in a group. Name the artist and his 1971 hit
Answer: 1971's Sweet and Innocent by Donny Osmond
Question: This artist's number one 1972 hit became an anthem for many Americans, even though the artist was from Australia. Name the artist and her top hit.
Answer: Helen Reddy. Her top hit: 1972's I Am Woman
Question: They began in Billy Preston's band and then became vocalists/musicians for Quincy Jones. They exploded onto the charts in 1976. Identify this funky duo.
Answer: The Brothers Johnson. Their first hit: I'll Be Good To You (1976)
Question: In 1976, amidst a high-profile legal battle over song plagiarism, this ex-Beatle scored a moderate hit with a song inspired by his legal woes. Name the artist and song.
Answer: George Harrison's This Song was inspired by the My Sweet Lord plagiarism battle.
Question: The group Fleetwood Mac went through numerous personnel changes before their hit lineup was settled. Name the one consistent member.
Answer: Mick Fleetwood. --Submitted by Bob of Lombard, IL
Question: Ordinarily recording solo, this husband and wife teamed up for a top 10 hit in 1974 which was a remake of a 1963 Charlie and Inez Foxx hit. Name the artists and song.
Answer: James Taylor and Carly Simon hit it big with Mockingbird
Question: Name the prolific female vocalist that Glenn Frey and Don Henley performed backup vocals for prior to hitting it big with the Eagles
Answer: Linda Ronstadt. --Submitted by Bob of Lombard, IL
Question: In this Chicago hit, the group's two lead singers verbally exchanged ideas about the ideologies of the day. Name the song
Answer: Dialogue, from 1972
Question: This prolific rock group of the 70s and 80s originally called themselves 'Tradewinds'. Name the group
Answer: Styx. Their first top 40 hit: 1975's Lady. --Submitted by Bob of Lombard, IL
Question: This individual was a recording engineer for the Beatles at the Abbey Road studios, and a one-hit-wonder from early 1973. Name this individual and his throwback hit.
Answer: Hurricane Smith. His hit: Oh Babe, What Would You Say
Question: What was the original name of Barry Manilow's smash hit, 'Mandy'
Answer: Brandy - originally hit in Great Britain. Name changed due to the popularity of the 1972 Looking Glass song. --Submitted by Bob of Lombard, IL
Question: This Scottish group from the mid 1970s named their group by pinpointing a random spot on a map of the U.S. Name the group.
Answer: Bay City Rollers, named for Bay City, Michigan. Saturday Night from Fall, 1975 was their first hit
Question: In response to a John Lennon criticism regarding the type of songs he wrote, what Paul McCartney hit was written?
Answer: Silly Love Songs, Spring 1976. --Submitted by Bob of Lombard, IL
Question: Name the top 10 Aretha Franklin hit which was originally recorded by Stevie Wonder
Answer: Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do) first charted for Aretha Franklin in late 1973
Question: Originally half of a 60's megaduo, this individual had some success as a solo artist although his former partner became a major star. A 1978 Top 20 hit of his was a remake of a Sam Cooke song. Name the artist.
Answer: Art Garfunkel of Simon and Garfunkel (of course, Paul Simon went on to megastardom). The remake: Wonderful World.
Question: Sugarloaf first hit the charts with Green Eyed Lady. After 5 years of difficulty getting a contract, they recorded their second autobiographical top ten hit. Name it.
Answer: Don't Call Us, We'll Call You from early 1975 bemoaned the group's record company frustrations in a comical manner
Question: Elton John's cover of the Beatles' Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds features John Lennon - this was in exchange for Elton's work in what John Lennon hit?
Answer: 1974's Whatever Gets You Through The Night features backing vocals and keyboard work by Elton John
Question: They were the most successful band, other than the Beatles, to don the Beatles' Apple label. They had four smash hits between 1970 and 1972. Name the band.
Answer: Badfinger. Hits: Come and Get It, No Matter What, Day After Day, Baby Blue
Question: In 1972, this song produced hit versions by two different artists, plus it was the jingle for a popular American beverage. Name that song.
Answer: I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing was a hit for the New Seekers and the Hillside Singers, plus it was the well-known Coca-Cola jingle
Question: This prominent Motown artist had a top hit in the summer/fall of 1974 that featured the Jackson 5 as backup vocals. Identify the artist and his hit song.
Answer: Stevie Wonder. 1974's You Haven't Done Nothin' featured the Jackson 5 as backup vocals
Question: Neil Sedaka had a top 10 hit in 1976 by reworking one of his big hits from the 60's. Name that song.
Answer: Neil Sedaka scored big with a slowed down version of Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Question: This individual was lead singer for both 60's band Spirit and 70's band Jo Jo Gunne, and went on to have a top 10 hit in 1978 as a solo artist. Name the individual and his solo hit.
Answer: Jay Ferguson. His solo hit: Thunder Island
Question: The 60's band American Breed (Bend Me, Shape Me) morphed into this well-known 70's soul band after adding a soulful diva. Name the group.
Answer: Rufus featuring Chaka Khan
Question: A former Zombie teamed up with songwriter/guitarist Russ Ballard to form this band. They had a top 10 hit in 1972. Name this one-hit wonder band and their hit song.
Answer: Argent, named for former Zombie Rod Argent. Their hit: Hold Your Head Up
Question: This individual had the distinction of recording with the Beatles before his own solo career took shape. Name this soulful artist.
Answer: Billy Preston
Question: Name the Best New Artist Grammy award winner of 1972. (Hint given: group compared at times by the media to last week's trivia answer.)
Answer: America
Question: Take one part Byrds, one part Buffalo Springfield, one part Hollies, and a Crazy Horse, mix 'em all together and what do you get?
Answer: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
Question: This ex-Loviní Spoonful member had a top hit in 1976 that was the theme to a popular sitcom. Name the song.
Answer: John Sebastian: "Welcome Back" was the theme to "Welcome Back, Kotter"
Question: Name the first top 40 hit record for Michael Jackson
Answer: Got To Be There, December 1971